We assist you in all your projects from A to Z

Research and development

Our Design Office uses CATIA V5 and Moldfow software to design your parts in constrained environments from a specification, a 3D, a plan or an existing part.

Project Management
Our project managers take charge of the development of your parts if necessary in « QCDP » (Quality/ Cost/ Time/ Services) Real project managers, they will manage the project until the production of serial parts.

Choice of plastics/ Presses
Our Design Office will advise you on the best materials to meet your needs as well as on injection or blow moulding presses, maximizing their efficiency.

Various means are at our disposal to respond to customer requests: climate chamber, shock test, tearing test, filling test, pressure test, fire test… Our test engineers can draw up a complete Validation Plan if requested.


Necessary phase for complex parts, our Design Office can propose different solutions ranging from 3D printing to prototype mould allowing to validate the shapes and the material before launching the series mould. Our prototype workshop in Laval can weld/ assemble your prototypes before shipping worldwide.


We draw up specifications in partnership with local manufacturers to assemble the most complex parts on automated lines. The goal is to assemble, weld, glue and control at high rates while managing production costs.


Certified ISO 9001, our procedures guarantee mastery of development and processes. All our productions are verified and qualified by 3D machines.