Our purchases and investments reflect our desire to settle in the territory

Within the RMT Group, we prioritize customer satisfaction. This means that we are committed to providing them with a unique and differentiated service, to respond to their needs with agility and responsiveness, to offer them innovative solutions. Meeting our commitments by placing a high level of demand on the quality of our products and services is an indispensable step for us and we strive to ensure the compliance of deliverable, the respect of deadlines and the control of costs. Among our commitments, it is also essential for us to meet the requirements applicable to our activities, products and services. This includes the continuous improvement of our quality management system within our companies.

Improving the Carbon Balance

Conscious of our social and environmental responsibility as industrialists, we value recycled materials and promote an improved carbon balance.

We are committed to:
– Limit travel to reduce the carbon impact of our business and focus on video conferencing.
– Use low carbon transportation.
– Integrate waste sorting and recovery into our project management.

Business ethics and respect for partners

The core values of our company promise our customers expertise, quality, commitment and innovation.

But equally important, we value integrity and trust :
– We guarantee the confidentiality of the commercial information entrusted to us.
– The use of partners or suppliers is carried out in compliance with national and international anti-corruption laws.
– We refuse any kind of blackmail, corruption or influence peddling and commit to denounce all attempts or practices.

The Human at the heart of our company

Our commitment is to empower our employees through the respect, encouragement and appreciation of each person.

To meet this commitment:
– We operate in a manner that respects the human rights and dignity of all.
– We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against our employees, suppliers or job applicants.
– We recognize that we have a responsibility to support the development of the technical and managerial skills of our employees.

Research and Innovation

Certified CIR (« Crédit Impôt Recherche ») and CII (« Crédit Impôt Innovation»), we continuously invest in research and innovation, whether in products, materials or processes. We have developed many competitive and innovative products with the will to always go forward.